baaria chaudhary


"Surrogate" is a mixed reality music and dance performance, shown at the Science and Technology Museum on May 20th. The performance lies at the intersection of a multitude of emerging media technologies, producing an immersive audio and visual experience.

In the three-scene performance, virtual elements combine with the real in an immersive visual and audio show. A harp player is composited into a virtual fantasy world, a dancer uses her movements to create her environment, and a musician plays a virtual instrument.

Performed live at the Shanghai Science Festival.

  • collaborators: marjorie wang, christian grewell, shanghai conservatory of music, tongji university
  • tools: unity3d, green screen, unreal engine, htc vive, ableton live
  • made for: shanghai science festival
  • project date: may 2017

tongji surrogate scene 1
The harpist is transported to a virtual fantasy world.
tongji surrogate scene 2
The dancer then emerges and begins to control the music through her movements
tongji surrogate scene 4
The dancer then becomes trapped in this virtual world and fights off her inner demons.