baaria chaudhary

mixed reality artist | storyteller | postcard maker


Built a designing and prototyping tool for the visually impaired, combining the built-in ridges and overall simplicity of Lego blocks with a camera and code to capture and translate the physical design into a digital format that is easily shareable. Built using Unity and Processing OpenCV software.

Winner of HackNYU 2016, Assisted Technology Track.

  • collaborators: david santiano + dylan crow
  • tools: unity3d, processing
  • made for: hacknyu 2016
  • project date: february 2016

The user first constructs their model in the physical world, using lego blocks. A camera above the workstation captures the data and sends it to the computer.
The Processing OpenCV library recognized the legos being placed on the board and sends that data to Unity, which then constructs the 3D model accordingly.