baaria chaudhary

pop up! baishizhou

Baishizhou, an urban village in the heart of Shenzhen, stands in contrast to towering structures of glass and steel. Led by professor Christian Grewell, a group of New York University Shanghai students embarked on a design challenge for the children of Baishizhou, using the multitude of resources available in Huaqiangbei and invigorated by the spirit of Shenzhen innovation. We want to hold a series of workshops designed with residents of Baishizhou to teach the basics and benefits of circuitry, the internet of things and programming through simple and fun exercises. The workshops will be extremely accessible, combining everyday objects with extraordinary technology.

  • collaborators: marjorie wang, maggie walsh, christian grewell
  • tools: unity3d, processing
  • made for: shenzhen style
  • project date: december 2016

level 1
The first workshop, level one, is intended to be a fun, low-pressure introduction to important technology topics including: Introduction to circuits, including creating simple paper circuits from stuff we find in the neighborhood Creating fun interactions using internet-of-things devices
level 2
Level two builds upon the first level by introducing more interaction amongst the online and offline world. We'll move from paper circuits and pop-up installations towards more sturdy and scalable ideas. Some important topics include: Advanced sensor fusion (making sensors talk to each other), How to bring together online and offline services, Making dumb things smart.
level 3
The final level combines both paper circuits and hardware with back-end and front-end web technologies. This level includes: Creating our own web server from scratch, API programming, and Interactions between online and offline services and hardware (making the web talk to hardware).