baaria chaudhary

mixed reality artist | storyteller | postcard maker

pawn vr

What does it feel like to be a pawn in someone else’s chess game?

In Pawn VR, we 3D-scanned participants and turned them into chess pawns in an interactive VR chess board. Created over the course of 4 days, this was a project specific to Adweek NYC 2017.

This is the full playable version. It is a 2-player chess game with one person in VR playing against a second on the desktop. If you'd like to have your own personalized chess set made and added to this collection, please contact us to make arrangements.

You can download and play Pawn VR here

  • tools: unity3d, htc vive, structure sensor
  • made for: AdWeek NYC
  • project date: October 2017

Project 01a
Project 01b
Project 01b