baaria chaudhary

microwave jam!

This is a game I worked on for Global Game Jam 2017. The theme for GGJ was 'wave' which was interpreted to be a microwave. 'The Wave' centers around a homicidal microwave. The microwave must go around the house microwaving various household items and obtaining more and more points. At the same time, the microwave must avoid the dog, whose bark will alert the family members to their rather horrific microwave.

  • collaborators: tyler finley
  • tools: unity3d, c#, adobe illustrator
  • made for: global game jam 2017
  • project date: january 2017

Project 01a
Starting page for microwave jam, inspired by classic game style
Project 01b
Each item microwaved is worth different points. The player gets more points based on how ridiculous and creative the item microwaved is.
Project 01c
Continuing on the theme of ridiculousness, the player only loses when they have less than -800 points.