baaria chaudhary


I'm a graduate of NYU Shanghai's Interactive Media Arts program and a cofounder of intern019 art collective. I've been working in Unity and VR/AR for two years.

I’m a virtual reality enthusiast, avid book reader of all topics, and a lifelong learner. My interests include VR/AR, storytelling, and curious thought experiments about the future of technology. My favorite question always starts with "What if..." and I often try to follow up with the answer.

I create fun and weird experiences that challenge the reality we live in with VR/AR. My approach to virtual and augmented reality is more artistically inclined, with emphasis on experience design.

I’m also an aspiring lighthouse owner, coffee drinker, and writer. I like to-do lists, cats, and people who hire me. Currently, my favorite color is green.

If you’re interested in virtual and augmented reality or collaborating to create an experience, I’d love to hear from you.

Baaria Chaudhary